About Birmans


What is a Birman?

A Birman is a semi-longhaired cat with a silky coat that is non-matting. They are colour-pointed cats with colour expressed on their ears and faces, legs and tails. The defining characteristic of their appearance is the white-gloved front and back paws with white gauntlets up the back legs.

Longer in the body and with a finer build than a Persian, Birmans have powerful medium length legs and a large rounded head set off with a full ruff.Their eyes are a deep blue and almost round in shape.

Birmans make ideal family pets as they get along with other cats, dogs and children. They have a gentle, loyal personality and can be talkative but with a quiet voice. Birmans are well suited to indoor life.

Birmans are a naturally robust breed with no particular weaknesses. Like all semi-longhaired cats, the coat does need a little grooming from time to time to remove dead hair.

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Updated 16th June 2013

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