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What is a Russian Blue?

A Russian Blue is an elegant cat with a soft velvety double coat which is blue in colour. The fur is short, thick and very fine. It has a distinctive silvery sheen as the cat moves.

The cat is quite large with a long, graceful body with long legs and a long tapering tail.

The head is a short wedge shape. The whisker pads are prominent and the ears are set high on the head. The eyes should be green and almond shaped.

A Russian stands on small oval feet and gives the impression of a ballerina walking on her toes.
Russian Blues are renowned for their gentle and loving temperament. They have soft voices and can be a little on the shy side with strangers. However, they are faithful in their devotion to their owners and will follow you round the house. Russians get on well with other cats, dogs and children.

General care of Russians is very easy. They are not fussy eaters and their short coat requires little grooming. They are one of the most adaptable cats to keep indoors.


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Updated 16th June 2013

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